Organic Lavender Farm

(USDA Certified)

Open from June 15th - Aug 15th (2024 Season)

Your destination for Organic Lavender and serene landscapes

15 varieties, 5000 plants!

Seasonal Bliss:

Explore our farm in Arlington's picturesque valley, with easy highway access. Enjoy tranquil strolls through fragrant lavender fields, learn about sustainable farming, and shop lavender-infused delights in our store. Engage with free games, join wreath-making workshops, and savor lavender ice cream and lemonade. Capture memories with group bookings and photography options. Our family-operated, eco-friendly farm offers a peaceful escape for everyone.

Plan your visit today and contact us with any questions.

  • Admission: Free entry (no ticket required)

  • Visiting Hours: 11 AM - 5 PM PT, Tuesday to Sunday (closed on Mondays)

  • Availability: Open from June 15th - August 15

  • Private, Group, and Photography Bookings: Please contact us or book tickets online!

General Farm & Store Entry

Visiting Hours

  • Dates open: June 15 -Aug 15/until further notice

  • Days: Tuesday - Sunday (closed Mon)

  • Hours: 11AM-5PM

  • Private Booking Hours: 9-11AM, 5-7PM

Wreath Making Workshop

  • Parking & Farm Entry

  • Lavender Store (no ticket)

  • Game, Picnic & Recreation Area

  • Photo Booth Area

  • Restroom & Farm Amenities

  • Designated disabled parking with wheelchair access to the store.

  • $50 per person (includes Lavender & needed materials)

  • Date opens - June 29, 30 & July 4, 13, 14, 20 & 21

  • Workshop Time - 3-5 PM

  • Minium Age limit - 12+

  • $250 per group

  • Max Group Size 50

  • Date opens - June 15th - Aug'15

  • Private Booking Hours: 9-11AM, 5-7PM

  • Includes access to general public hours

All ticket Includes

  • Free Entry (no ticket needed)

  • General Visit hours

  • Farm Duration - Open from June'15 till further announcement

Lavender Farm Store Entry

Farm Rules

  • The farm is certified organic - please play your part in keeping it that way.

  • Drones strictly prohibited.

  • No alcohol and smoking.

  • Pets, including dogs, politely not permitted.

  • Please be respectful to farm and families & follow farm rules.

  • Keep the farm clean & dispose trash in designated areas only.

  • Please show respect for private properties and signage.

  • Kids must be accompanied by an adult at all times.

  • Our farm operates on a no-refund policy.

  • The farm and its facilities hereby disclaim any liability for any accidents occurring on the premises.

Private Bookings

Photographer/Private Photography

  • $50 for 1 hr

  • Max Group Size 5

  • Date opens - June 15th - Aug'15

  • Private Booking Hours: 9-11AM, 5-7PM

  • Includes access to general public hours

General Farm Entry Ticket -

Wreath Making Workshop

Farm Entry & Farm store schedule
  • Opening - June 15th
  • U-Pick start - June 29th

  • Farm Visit Hrs - General Hrs

  • Days opens - Tue-Sun

  • General Hrs - 11AM-5PM

  • Farm closed - Monday

Workshop Dates & Time
  • June 29, 30
  • July 4, 13, 14, 20 & 21

  • Time - 3-5 PM

  • Includes General Entry & Amenities

Dates Time slots
  • June 15th - August 15th
  • Visit Hrs - General & Special Hrs

  • Days opens - Tue-Sun

  • General Hrs - 11AM-5PM

  • Special Hrs - 9-11AM & 5-7PM

  • Farm closed - Monday

Private Bookings

Farm Events at a Glance!

Farm Store

  • Visit Online Store/Shop for all product details!
  • Free Entry
  • Schedule and timings - as per General entry

Online Store/Shop

Photographer / Private Photography

Dates Time slots
  • June 15th - August 15th
  • Visit Hrs - General & Special Hrs

  • Days opens - Tue-Sun

  • General Hrs - 11AM-5PM

  • Special Hrs - 9-11AM & 5-7PM

  • Farm closed - Monday


MountRiverFarm (Season 2023 , Year 1)

Extremely beautiful and calming, can't wait for next year!" - Karen & Shae H

Fantastic & Serene place, great fun for kids, & lots of choices!" - Avinash & Ananya M

” So Beautiful, worth every second!" - Patti C, Cate & Tim

"Beautiful Farm! So Beautiful, Awesome, Amazing, Incredible!" - Stevens, Shalini, Lani S, Laurel, John T & Samantha, Neha, Varun, Annie, Venu, Jeff, Padmasri, Priyanka B

"Had a great time, getting to know & learn, will be back next year, looking forward it! " - Akshay B

Perfect place for Photo, DP!" - Abeven & Aura

Great Farm, all the best! - Ravi

Some of the plants a little thirsty, but the scenery, birds, bees and everything was so beautiful!" - Aubri V

Lovely farm, want to learn candle making! - Lanely

We want to see more Lavender next year!" - Sakthipriya

Beautiful, see you next year as well!" - Ronda & friend

Beautiful farm, best wishes, we will send our friends soon!" - Revati & Amit

Good Experience!" - Astnehya

Love the Products! Beautiful product!" - Christina S, Ashely L

Relaxing, Beautiful and a lovely Time!" - Alexa & Christopher

Great! love the farm!" - Praveen K

So Cute, and Gorgeous!" - Shivanee & Neha

Beautiful, Great Fun!" - Rod J

Amazing View & Lavender!" - Parker, Emily

Really Amazing place, and fantastic hosts!!" - Aman S

Beautiful, easy to Navigate!" - Audren

Can't wait for next year, expecting Lavender Lemonade and Ice-cream!" - John

Nice, Calm and Relaxing, beautiful experience, thanks for hosting!" - Sathosh & Malvika A

"Our Lavender Farm Story: A Journey of Growth and Serenity"

In 2020, amidst pandemic challenges, we found solace in nature and discovered a picturesque farm in Arlington, WA. Inspired by its beauty, we began cultivating hay. In 2022, driven by our passion for relaxation and well-being, we planted 5000 lavender plants of 15 varieties. Our goal was to create a peaceful space for people to unwind and reconnect with nature.

Lavender is more than a beautiful plant; it offers numerous benefits. From essential oils to culinary uses, its calming fragrance is popular in aromatherapy and skincare. Environmentally, lavender is drought-tolerant, improves soil health, and attracts pollinators, promoting biodiversity.

With sustainable practices, we earned WSDA organic certification and built essential infrastructure. Opening to the public in 2023, we welcomed over 200 visitors who enjoyed u-pick experiences and our homemade lavender products.

Our journey is a family affair, and we're grateful for the community's support. Expanding in 2024, we're adding more lavender varieties, games, lavender oil extractions, and a certified organic fruit orchard.

Join us on June 15th, 2024, for a day of relaxation, fun, and connection at our lavender farm. Thank you for being part of our journey.

Farm Location

15532 300th St NE
Arlington, WA
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Visit Hours
  • Visit duration - June' 15 -Aug'15

  • General Visit Hours - 11AM-5PM

  • Booking Hours - 8-11AM, 5-7PM

  • Monday - Closed

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